Why choose us
Why Choose Us

Networld Asia's digital communications group is at the epicenter where international-standards meet local-insights that powers these 6 key competitive advantages:​

01 Our Model

NWA's service-breadth provides clients with end-to-end marketing solutions across Strategy, Creatives, Media and PR. A true One-Stop solution.

02 Our People

The team has been trained by an International Communications group, to exacting international standards. Many have had long tenures with the agencies and very grounded in Vietnamese consumer behaviour.

03 International Quality Practices

NWA prides itself with adhering to international standards in processes and delivering International quality work output accruing to its global agency heritage.

04 Deep understanding of local insights

By understanding deeply nuanced insights of the market, NWA adds values to domestic International and local clients as an agency that deeply understands the Vietnamese consumer and how business is conducted here while the international-standards of outputs are guaranteed.

05 Powerful Planning and excution tools

NWA has improved upon the global tools from our Havas heritage to specifically suit the Vietnamese & ASEAN consumer markets. Our precision targeting tools are truly best-in-class.

06 Drive for Meaningfulness

NWA believes in making a meaningful difference for brands to resonate with their consumers with relevant, compelling and demand-activating solutions.

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